If you really like my games and you want to support me and my work, you can use several methods of donation.



I would suggest you use Patreon because...

By pledging a few bucks you can join my community and help me in creating really cool games. Your money will be spent on improving the engine, 3d content and my hardware. For every pledge you will get some rewards, like Early Access to New Versions of the game, info about updates, Patron ONLY features etc.

I appreciate any help.
And I make my games for you guys. So only you can keep the development alive!

Your Notvil.

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  1. I see Gray is a very controversial game on steam, but I have to say that you can see the amount of detail that went into the gameplay. The game is just challenging enough to be rewarding and the story is interesting. I hope you are able to create more games and I am already keeping an eye out for more Notvil games.