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Areas of Gray - Development progress - version [1.2]

Environment/character creation
Script - 3d models - preparing

The initial stage of development, and it requires the most time. This is where the base concept begins.

Rendering - postwork

At this stage, I create everything that you love so much - art, animations, and all visuals.

Coding - sound

This is where all the magic happens, and my art becomes a game. Usually, I find a lot of problems/ bugs and other nasty stuff here.

My Working Process

Four basic steps for developing each version of my games.
  • 1. Concept and ideas

    The development of any version of my game starts with the concept and cool idea. I'm always trying to impress my players.

  • 2. Preparation

    After that, I need to prepare every material. In my case, the materials are - 3d objects, art, sound, gameplay features.

  • 3. Hard work

    Okay! I got what I need! Now it's time to put everything together...

  • 4. Finishing touch

    It wasn't easy, but I did it! It's time to finalize the work and be pleased with the result.


    Areas of GRAY Completion


    GRAY Completion Finished

    The board...

    Here you can see the latest news about my games, some screenshots, animations and etc.

    About NOTvil

    Who am I and what do I suggest?..

    Call me NOTvil - A lifelong video gamer that came to realize he wants to create games on his own.

    A Dreamer

    I decided to apply my insane visual solutions in the adult game industry... and I succeeded.

    An Artist

    It's a real passion for me to create these lewd and weird worlds. I love it, and I want to share my works with you.

    A Game designer

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